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Job Openings


Editors are tasked with proofreading novels/manhuas that have already been translated.

Most of the time, this includes improving word choices, restructuring sentences, correcting tenses, and catching any careless errors.

Translator (CN - EN)

Translators handle our clients' novels/manhuas that are written in Chinese and translate them into English.

Upon being translated, the content is passed on to editors that ensure everything is well-written, particularly grammatically.

Comic Cleaner

Comic Cleaners erase the text found in the original comic's RAW images to make way for typesetting to take place.

This role is perfect for someone with a keen eye and basic Photoshop skills. If a Comic Cleaner is good enough, they can also work as a typesetter in the team.


Typesetters carry the responsibility of inserting translated text into the comic cleaners' cleaned images.

Oftentimes, they're people who love typography and have a good sense of design. They handle everything from text, narration, SFX, and comic cover pages!

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