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How much are translators paid?

Translators are given work in chapters and are roughly paid RM55 to RM75 for every 3000 Chinese Characters translated.

How heavy is the workload?

The workload is flexible, especially when you're starting out. However, please do make it a point to commit a reasonable number of chapters each week.

Is this position only full-time?

We hire both part-time and full-time translators.

Am I required to be in an office?

Our positions in Lunar Translations are fully remote. You may work anywhere and at any time as long as you adhere to our deadlines.

Must I be Malaysian to apply?

No, however, you must possess a Malaysian bank account.

Can I take days off?

Yes, but it is discouraged, and a month's notice must be given beforehand.

Do I need any Qualifications

Translators are not required to possess any qualifications. However, each applicant has to go through a test to have their language skills evaluated.

When will I be paid?

It takes a whole month for work that has been submitted to the client to be paid out.

How and when will I be informed about my test results?

You'll be informed within a week (7-14 days) through email.

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